A Passion for Sustainability


Here at DUFFY we are more than just a knitwear brand—we are impassioned advocates of sustainable practices in the production of all our luxury knitwear. From our ethically sourced yarns to our non-toxic dyes, we care about animal and human welfare.

To ensure DUFFY’s highest standards are met, we only work with yarn mills that are striving to be as eco-friendly as we are. It all starts at the source: Mongolian cashmere goats. This is achieved by working with yarn suppliers that are hands-on in training their goat herders on how to raise and comb their goats with care, so they are not harmed in any manner. 

Not only are we working with eco-friendly yarn mills, we seek to partner with the best factories working toward sustainability. We even design our packaging to the end consumer to be bio-degradable. We constantly seek to change elements of our production process to be more environmentally friendly, evaluating best practices and learning about those with the least impact.

Partnering with one of the first mills in China to introduce recycled cashmere yarns to the market has been a significant step. This has been done via their full use of all wastage accrued during the yarn spinning and production processes as well as utilizing recycled products in the market. This practice produces tons of certified, high-quality grade recycled yarns annually. 

The DUFFY team is proud to never use harmful dyes or chemicals in our knitwear and we are dedicated to being involved in all stages of how our garments are produced. We pledge to continually search for new paths to sustainability, believing that it’s our duty to be in the forefront of this critical movement to protect the planet for future generations.