A View from our Window: Williamsburg, Brooklyn


At our global headquarters in New York City, our offices overlook Bryant Park, a Parisian-inspired green oasis tucked behind the fabled New York Public Library. Once home to New York Fashion Week, the park today is an everyday catwalk, with fashionistas taking lunch underneath the trees—and providing endless inspiration for our designers. 

As an ongoing series, “The View from our Window,” we’re asking members of the DUFFY team and friends of the brand to reveal their favorite spots in cities around the world: the view from their own windows where they collect creative sparks and enjoy cozy comfort.  

Here Ann Yee, Designer, talks about how living in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn inspires her creativity.


Tell us about Williamsburg—why you live there, why you love it.

Williamsburg has a creative energy and youthful vibe that I absolutely resonate with. It’s definitely evolved in the last decade, but the ever-changing landscape keeps things interesting. Besides fashion, food is my other passion, and there is an abundance of good eats in the neighborhood!

Williamsburg is also close enough to the city, where I don’t feel too removed, just a train stop away. It’s always nice to come home to Brooklyn after a crazy day in the city.


What would be a perfect Saturday in your neighborhood?

Waking up, grabbing a coffee at Butler on S. 5th, then going for a morning walk in Domino Park. Afterwards, meet up with friends for brunch at Marlow & Sons and doing some vintage shopping when we are done. We then head to Homecoming for some fuel--iced latte + pastry (they have a nice back patio area). Then we check out Beyond the Streets for some cool Art. Lastly, can’t forget dinner...pasta at Misi!! Did I mention I like food?

What creative inspiration do you draw from Williamsburg?

The neighborhood is such an interesting mix of old and new, including a mash-up of culture. The diversity is definitely a constant inspiration in my design process. When I design, contrast is a leading factor–whether it be textures or color–I feel I’m continuously inspired by the landscape and people.

Choose a piece from the current collection that seems most representative of your neighborhood and tell us why. 

I would say the frayed turtleneck tunic in Katsura because it’s the perfect mix of old school meets new school (just like Williamsburg). It’s a pretty classic and timeless shape, but the deconstructed edges make it modern and cool.